Cyclone Squadron Digest #32

April 29, 2007

I'm still not sure whether I want to stay or not.





     Greetings Cyclone Squadron, Wing X, and ISD Challenge.... I'm still not quite sure as to if this will be my last report or not. Its a horrible note to leave on and I was quite upset. I've got a few issues that need sorting out. I'm still heavily debating with myself if I want to stay in the EH at all or not. But its selfish and rude for me just to give up and screw you guys, the ones I've been putting all this time in for, out of what you deserve.

    Its your squadron, never was mine, you can see that by where all the recognition goes. I'm just the enabler, I set the things on the table, you guys run with them. My leadership style here is the same as I apply in my jobs in real life. I always put the welfare of my subordinates ahead of myself. And its obvious here.

    To be honest, I've been jealous as well. I feel like an inferior CMDR when my pilots are flying astounding numbers of missions and I can't even muster one battle but once in a blue moon. My MP skills suck so bad I don't even want to play MP, the only thing its good for is getting other pilots their LoCs. And sadly this club recognizes skill above anything else.

    Its been kind of fun, but the fun turned into a burden, and one that started encroaching on my personal time. I'd like to get to bed at 9PM every night after getting home from work at usually 6. That doesn't leave me with much time to do things and most of that time (and I usually stayed up until 11PM) was spent with EH related things. My weekends are shot spending time doing reports and website updates. I don't even have time to fly any missions let alone play any of my own d*** games I've spent money on.

    Zos, Dempsey, Nurok: You guys are doing great. Zos. you just do what you do... it works. Dempsey, you have your own flight now, shape it into what you will. Nurok, steady wins the race. Just keep flying what you can and you're recognition may or may not come. Believe me I've fought to get your name mentioned as much as Zos's. Just because you can't fly 2,000 missions a month doesn't mean you are a bad pilot.

    xgmx: Sorry I've deprived you of a CMDR all ready. I apologize for that.

    Bjorn: I know I need to step back and re-evaluate things. I'd really love to. But what happens if I come back? I'll just be relieved of my problem long enough to come back and end up with the same problem again.

    Darklord: Glad you took me seriously, honestly I didn't want to hear you and Dan ask me to stay again. I just didn't want to hear it. As I told you, you only succeeded in delaying the inevitable. But, now you and Bjorn have me convinced that there are things worth staying for.

    Dan: I'm terribly sorry I'm doing this to you. You've been kind and fair and you are one of the best COMs I've had. I decided to finish out my tour with this report because I didn't want to be a total d*** and abandon my squadron.

    Anyone else in the EH that reads this: Its been some fun to say the least. I've met all sorts of people from around the world. Learned things about other people, other countries, other viewpoints. That is what usually makes me want to stay. And yes, this was a rash decision made in the heat of anger. Think what you will though, I've never been one to let opinion affect me. Hopefully, this rash of anger may disappear and I'll stay and make the best of things again become the old "me."

Semper Fidelis,

K. Beir


EDIT: Darklord has convinced me to wait and see what I want to do. I'll get back to you on Saturday with my decision.




*Imperial Easter Bunny is Over I got an entry from only Zosite so he'll get the medal.

*Welcome to LT Xgmx who joins us from PLT Daedalus.

*Oh yeah if you can make it on Fridays... GO FLY MP!!!! Zosite is kind enough to host, lets see just a bit of Cyclone participation if we can get it. Sadly I work while that is happening.





Squadron Competitions:

*Imperial Easter Bunny!!!

Is over. Award in the pipeline.

*Cyclone Pilot of the Month- March '07-April'07

Awards for April are coming. The May-June is all ready approved.

Other Competitions:

* ISD Challenge vs. MC-80B Redemption
Start date: 04/16/2007
End date: 05/06/2007
Battles: any/all from the
Mission Compendium
Medals: IS-GWs for first place SP, first place MP and first place overall (SP+MP). IS-SWs for second places. IS-BWs for third places. Additional IS-SW for every participating pilot of the winning ship that gathers more than 30 points, and additional IS-BW for every participating pilot of the losing ship that gathers more than 30 points. Winning ship will be determined by the average: Sum of all points of all participating pilots in the ship/number of participating pilots in that ship.
Details: 1 point for every mission flown (3 points if it's a highscore). 3 points for every LoC awarded. 10 points for every DFC awarded.

* TIE Corps Squadron Tournament
Thats right, the Flight Office has a new competition running! THE TIE CORPS SQUADRON TOURNAMENT! It will be a simple matter of flying one of the three missions (one for each platform per week). The Squadron with the best participation over the course of the 4 weeks (4 rounds) will win IS-GWs for all participating members! If there is a TIE, the highest score between the tied Squadrons will win.
This week's missions are:
XvT-Free 211
TIE-Free 267
XWA-Free 137
Remember not to send the files to Frodo, simply BSF them and he will do the rest from there!

* The Number of the TIE Flying Beast
655 Graduates have passed through the TIE Tactics course to date, the 666th to complete it successfully will receive an IS-GR - only way to have a chance is sto take the exam - and hopefully be the 11th to do so!

* Praemega Propaganda Parade
Praetorian and Omega feel the need to oil each other up and flext their collective muscles - the rest of the fleet feels the need to mock them. In the vein of the Banner Prank comp VA Jarek would like you all to come up with the best gfx mocking either (or both) elite squadrons. For hints see entries to me at, attaching submissions as a jpeg or similar format. End date is 04/20/2007. IS-GR for 1st place, IS-SR for 2nd place, IS-BRs for excellent entries.

* Fridayís Vaping Rhapsody
The new Multiplayer competition hosted by our own LCM Zosite. They happen every Friday at 15:30 EST on the #EHCOO channel. Platforms are XWA and XvT, and DFCs can be awarded.

* TIE Corps Training Competition
Every Saturday, 1300 to 1600 EST on #EHCOO
Multiplayer competition with XWA, XvT and IA. DFCs can be awarded.

* Competition Ė the spice of life...
A little friendly competition to liven up this very special report (TAC Report #250). This will be AD Masterís twenty first TAC report, in each of these reports at the top thereís is a movie/tv/game quote.
The first three to email AD Master with all 21 correct answers will win IS-GR, IS-SR & IS-BR (or subgroup equivalent).
The subject line of the email should read 'When TACcy Speaks...noone listens' :P
And don't forget to include your ID Line.
Let the madness begin!

* Letís get ready to RUUUUUUUMBLE!
Ahhhh January, the only other time of year AD Master care about professional wrestling, why? Cause its the Royal Rumble, and this was goooooood.

So following his current trend of shameless rip-off comps heís starting a new comp!
Start Date: 10th February 2007
End Date: 24th February 2007 (looks like it was postponed...)
Medals: IS-GW x3 (or subgroup equivalent)
Missions: Custom Missions
Info: One FREE (each platform), one winner (again each platform).
The three winners (you can only win one platform) will then have the opportunity to enter the 'Shameless Wrestlemania competition' in April for an IS-PW.
Currently heís hoping to have three custom missions of his done in time, but since he really hates making stuff under pressure (comes out crap and lame) heís not promising nothing.
Oh and don't worry, they will be beta checked before you fly them

* Master's Monthly Map & Mission Mayhem
Start Date: 10/1/2006
Parties Involved: EH-wide
Medals: IS-GR, IS-SR, IS-BR (or subgroup equivalent) each month.
According to the System Manual ( the EH is in control of ten systems.
Each month Master is going to pick a planet from one of the EH Controlled Systems* from the manual. Those interested will then have the remainder of the month to create a Empire at War or SW Galactic Battlegrounds or Jedi Academy map based on that planet.

*Master may throw in the odd other planet from SW from time to time with more bonuses.
Designers are free to do as they like with the map provided basics stay true to the System Manual information.
Maps will be judged on: Technical realization (use wat u got), general plotline & general enjoyment.
All maps should be submitted ala standard TACcy Rules and via the Custom BSF (
All maps will be judged by TAC.
Additional M: AD Master has decided to change the plot of his funkily named competition for the new year.
He has added an additional M! Now the comp also includes our flying platforms! So that means when he gives us a planet each month you can base a TIE or even an XW free on that planet! Awards remains as an IS-GR each month, and he has yet to give away a single one

February's World of the Moment is.....Aurora Prime!!!
The fabulous EH homeworld provides, warm days, cold nights, a Dark Jedi infested moon, three funky massive platforms and the ever impressive New Imperial City....think of all the fun you could have. MUHAHAHAHHAA!!!!
Winning submission will be judged by AD Master based on fun level, plotline and bribes! All submissions should go through the
Custom Battle Submission Form as always, with a MMMMM mentioned in the comments box.

* Ace of the Tie Corps
Starting this month, we now have a new monthly competition series - Ace of the TIE Corps. The concept is simple - the pilot with the most flown missions at the end of each month will recieve an Iron Star with Gold Wings and the title "Ace of the Month". You will be able to see the progress of pilots over time by checking the Pilot Kill Board. At the end of the year, the pilot with the most missions flown will recieve an Iron Star with Platinum Wings and the title of "Ace of the TIE Corps".
The competition is open to all members of the TIE Corps and the counts are based on missions.

* Golden Tug Awards 2007
It's time once again to award the famed and feared Golden Tug Awards!!!!!
06 Submissions:

* Frozen Doom Competition
The weekly multiplayer combat calendar events are returning! Starting with the Frozen Doom Competition!!! It will be held on Tuesdays from 1900 EST to 2200 EST!
Host is GN Ric Taldrya! Matches take place in #EHCOO, COME ONE COME ALL!
Having said that, DFCs will no longer be awarded for 24/7 LoCs. They will only be awarded for winning combat calendar events. If you do fly a 24/7 LoC match, e-mail the scores to

* Wing X Pilot of the Week/Month 5
Each week the Wing X Commander will choose a pilot he believes has performed better then any other pilot on the ship that week. At the end of the month, Challenge Commodore will look at the overall performance of every Pilot of the Week for that month, and will choose one of them to become the Pilot of the Month. Each Pilot of the Week will be awarded an IS-BR and each Pilot of the Month will be awarded an IS-SR. The Wing X Pilot of the week will always be chosen in the Wing Commanderís report.



Activity Reports

Remember kids, a bold number indicates a high score!

1-2 Lieutenant Colonel Kadon Beir




1-3 Captain Bjorn Wolfblade



2-1 Commander Zosite Konstyte Styles

4/16/2007 ISM
4/17/2007 BS IS-BR
4/19/2007 XvT-FREE: 207



4/21/2007 XvT-TC: 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,109,110,111,112,113,114,1115,116,117,118


XvT-IW: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

4 LoC

4/22/2007 2 LoC
4/24/2007 IS-SW, IS-BW
4/26/2007 IS-SR
4/26/2007 TIE-FREE: 267

XvT-FREE: 267


4/28/2007 IS-GR

4 LoC

4/29/2007 Promoted to CM


2-2 Lieutenant Xgmx

4/21/2007 Arrival to Cyclone Squadron
4/22/2007 LoC
4/29/2007 Promoted to LT

2-3 Lieutenant Godo Nurok

4/19/2007 MCBS IWATS
4/21/2007 XvT-TC: 22,23

XvT-FREE: 207

4/27/2007 XvT-FREE: 211



3-1 Lieutenant Commander Dempsey

4/17/2007 IS-BR
4/18/2007 TM/3 IWATS
4/19/2007 Revamped the TIE Mission Creation Course
4/26/2007 Creates competition for PROF position.
4/27/2007 TIE-FREE: 267

Build that Mission! comp approved.

4/29/2007 Promoted to LCM




3-2 Colonel Rei Ayanami

04/29/2007 mIRC activity.


FCHG Ratings

Grenadier GREN
Lancer LANC
Hussar HUSS
Fusilier FUSL
Dragoon DRAG
Cavalier CAVL
Gallant GALL
Knight KNGT
Paladin PLDN
Legionnaire LGNR
Aquilifer AQFR
Decurion DCRN
Tesserarius TSRS
Optio OPTI
Centurion CNTR
Executor EXCR
Gladiator GLDR
Archon ARCN
Templar TMPR
Imperator IMPR


Centurion [CNTR] (2000 points)

Aquilifer [AQFR] (500 points)

Legionnaire [LGNR] (400 points)

Dragoon [DRAG] (100 points)

Grenadier [GREN] (10 points)


Combat Ratings

Marksman 4th
Marksman 3rd
Marksman 2nd
Marksman 1st
Officer 4th
Officer 3rd
Officer 2nd
Officer 1st
Veteran 4th
Veteran 3rd
Veteran 2nd
Veteran 1st
Ace 4th
Ace 3rd
Ace 2nd
Ace 1st
Top Ace 4th
Top Ace 3rd
Top Ace 2nd
Top Ace 1st
Jedi 4th
Jedi 3rd
Jedi 2nd
Jedi 1st
Jedi Master


Ace 3rd (150 points)

Officer 4th (30 points)

Marksman 4th (10 points)

Trainee (1 point)



Squadron Roster

NICKNAME: The Demolition Crew
BANNER: cyclone.jpg
MOTTO: "Destruction Imminent"

Nickname: Eye of the Storm
Motto: "Fear us not. Fear the destruction that comes with us"
1) TBA
2) LC Kadon Beir
3) CPT Bjorn Wolfblade
4) TBA

Nickname: Wind of Change
Motto: "Changing enemies into space dust"
1) CM Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) LT Xgmx
3) LT Godo Nurok
4) TBA

Nickname: The Polish Patrol
Motto: "Polish and Proud"
1) LCM Dempsey
2) COL Rei Ayanami
3) TBA
4) TBA

Total: 7



Squadron Citations (0):

FM/LC Kadon Beir/Cyclone 1-2/Wing X/ISD Challenge


PIN #11335

Semper Fidelis