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TIE Corps Personnel Record #
Historic Record | Combat Record | INPR

Grand Admiral Zosite Konstyte Styles
- "Zs The NUTS"
FC-COOA-TCS-PROF/GA Zosite Konstyte Styles/CS-1/ISD Challenge
Status:  Active
Date Enlisted:  11/2/2006 (1 year, 10 months)
Rank:  Grand Admiral (10/12/2008 - 1 day)
FCHG Rank:  Imperator (999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 points)
Location:  (GMT+01:00)
Contact Info:  Feel free to bow under my unslaving leadership!!!! Any day! Any time!
Games Owned:  TIE Fighter
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Balance of Power
X-Wing Alliance
Imperial Alliance
Doom 3
Quote:  "There's good. And there's evil. And it's the Order what make us capable of differentiate between them. So, don't bother me judging my actions; if they're good or evil. I'm above both. I serve that ORDER."
Fleet Commander
Updated 10/11/2008

Medal of Honor
Imperial Cross
Grand Order of the Emperor
Order of the Renegade
Gold Star of the Empire
Silver Star of the Empire x 3
Bronze Star of the Empire x 10
Palpatine Crescent x 2
Imperial Security Medal
Medal of Instruction (Blue Cross) - (8 recruits)
Iron Star - Bronze Wings x 74
Iron Star - Bronze Ribbon x 31
Iron Star - Silver Wings x 42
Iron Star - Silver Ribbon x 13
Iron Star - Gold Wings x 32
Iron Star - Gold Ribbon x 5
Iron Star - Platinum Wings x 3
Legion of Combat (439 victories)
  Rubidium Scimitar x 2
  Copper Scimitar x 7
  Regular x 4
Distinguished Flying Cross - (14 victories)
  Silver Wings
  Regular x 4
Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster x 13
Medal of Communication - Silver Oak Cluster x 2
Medal of Communication - Gold Oak Cluster x 2
Medal of Communication - Platinum Oak Cluster
Medal of Communication - Diamond Oak Cluster
Commendation of Loyalty x 2
Commendation of Bravery
Order of the Vanguard


TIE Corps Pilot Wings
View Combat Record
Total Missions Flown: ALL
Battle High Scores: Brucmack's + 1
Mission High Scores: Same as above...

Battles Completed: ALL
Free Missions Completed: ALL, what else?!


Competitions Approved: 21
    Cyclone Student of the Month July '07 - August '07
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month July '07 - August '07
    Cyclone ber-7331 of the Month July '07 - August '07
    A Mission lasts 15 mins... A "Kill" lasts Forever!!
    A Man(dalorian)'s Tale Pt II
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month August '07 - September '07
    Cyclone Student of the Month August '07 - September '07
    Cyclone ber-1337 of the Month August '07 - September '07
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month September '07 - October '07
    Cyclone Student of the Month September '07 - October '07
    A little HS for a Cyclonite, a major hit against the NR punks!
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month October '07 - November '07
    Cyclone Student of the Month October '07 - November '07
    Kill 'em all! And do it QUICK!!!
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month November '07 - December '07
    Cyclone Student of the Month November '07 - December '07
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month December '07 - January '08
    A little HS for a Cyclonite, a major hit against the NR punks! (December '07)
    Cyclone Student of the Month December '07 - January '08
    Cyclone Student of the Month January '08 - February '08
    Cyclone Pilot of the Month January '08 - February '08


l33t! Flight Certified

IWATS Courses Completed: ALL, and if they don't appear here is due to some database error...
    [{IWATS}] Core
    [AIM] AIM (100%)
    [AMP] Advanced Multiplayer (94%)
    [ASP] ASP (100%)
    [BFM] Basic Flight Maneuvers (88%)
    [BX] BitchX (100%)
    [CBX] Computer Basics (88%)
    [CSS] Cascading Style Sheets (100%)
    [DW] Dreamweaver (100%)
    [HIST] History (97%)
    [IBX] Internet Basics (97%)
    [ICQ] ICQ (100%)
    [IIC/1] HTML 1 (100%)
    [IIC/2] HTML 2 (100%)
    [IIC/3] HTML 3 (100%)
    [JS] JavaScript (100%)
    [LIN] Linux (100%)
    [M/1] mIRC 1 (100%)
    [M/2] mIRC 2 (100%)
    [MCBS] Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards (94%)
    [MP/2] Multiplayer 2 (90%)
    [MS] mIRC Scripting (100%)
    [PHP] PHP (100%)
    [SM/3] Squadron Management 3 (97%)
    [TLN] Trillian (100%)
    [TM/1] TIE Mission Creation 1 (98%)
    [TM/2] TIE Mission Creation 2 (100%)
    [TT] TIE Fighter Tactics (95%)
    [VBS] VB Script (100%)
    [WM] Wing Management (100%)
    [WPN] Weaponry (90%)
    [XAM] X-Wing Alliance Mission Design (100%)
    [XMD] X-Wing Mission Design (100%)
    [XML] XML (96%)
    [XTM/1] XvT Mission Creation 1 (91%)
    [XTT] XvT Tactics (97%)
    [XWAC] X-Wing Alliance: Capital Ships (100%)
    [XWAI] An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance (100%)


SP-TIE - 5/5  COMMANDING YOU ALL!!! You gotta love it!
SP-TIE - 5/5  Single Player Combat - TIE Fighter
SP-XvT - 5/5  Single Player Combat - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
SP-XWA - 5/5  Single Player Combat - X-Wing Alliance
SP-XW - 5/5  Single Player Combat - X-Wing
MP-XvT - 5/5  Multiplayer Combat - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
MP-XWA - 5/5  Multiplayer Combat - X-Wing Alliance
MP-XWA-NC - 5/5  Multiplayer Combat - X-Wing Alliance CapShips
MD-TIE - 5/5  Mission Designing - TIE Fighter
MD-XvT - 5/5  Mission Designing - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
MD-BoP - 5/5  Mission Designing - Balance of Power
MD-XWA - 5/5  Mission Designing - X-Wing Alliance
MD-XW - 5/5  Mission Designing - X-Wing
HTML - 5/5  Web Publishing - Standard HTML
HTML-ASP - 5/5  Web Publishing - Active Server Pages
HTML-J - 5/5  Web Publishing - Java/Javascript
HTML-PHP - 5/5  Web Publishing - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
HTML-X - 5/5  Web Publishing - Other - XML, SHTML, DHTML, etc.
WC - 5/5  Writing Composition
GFX-2D - 5/5  Graphics - 2D Graphics/Drawing
GFX-TXT - 5/5  Graphics - Text Graphics and Effects
GFX-UNI - 5/5  Graphics - Uniform Creation

TIE Fighter
"NUTS mobile"
TIE Fighter

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