D Cyclone NUTS Chronicles #15 C

October 28, MMVII


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Phasecycle: PSFRG304568140694328;ICON;16-79OMUT;94-37RMUT

< Salute, pilots from Wing X, Wing Commander Angel, Commodore Darklord and last but not least Flight Officer Daniel Bonini >


Welcome to this, my fifteenth Weekly Report for my beloved Squadron, the mighty Cyclone, "The Demolition Crew". Nice week, my minions! Very nice, indeed!! Not only there's a new Cyclonite among us featuring MP skills and helping EH in the Week of War but I see also excellent flying from many of you as well as some IWATS activity plus our now usual outstanding levels of communication, with two Flight Leaders always ready to provide me with new stuff to remind me what I have a recycle-bin for... But keep it on you two, soon your efforts towards your FMs will be rewarded as they deserve. ^_^

/me secures his pilot helmet and opens a nearby airlock...

And be ready!! Be very very ready! "Raise the Flag 2007" is about to start! Just check the TC Competitions Center (HERE you slackers >;P) and you'll see that our esteemed (as long as he's not playing guitars) Flight Officer has already submitted the basic details of one of the most important competitions (if not THE competition) you'll ever have the pleasure to see here. :-D

I.) But I thought I'd find some Kansas flying farm here!! (aka. Squadron News)


V Please, guys, provide your best welcome in the usual Chal-style (yeah, rolling through the deck and being high on drinks right after) to Sub-Lieutenant Cochala, who joined the ranks of Cyclone this week assigned as Cyclone 1-2 in my own Flight I, "The Eye of the Storm" (your sanity is gone xD). He's an old friend from the NRSD Errant Venture and we have fought together there several times; ok, he at TRA (The Rebel Alliance) side and me trying to fry his arse the best I could in behalf of EH... xD But hey!! Finally he has seen the light! The very light of the mighty Galactic Empire, messenger of Peace, Order and terrible morning headaches as long as this ship is involved. Don't pay attention to his remaining Rebel smell (we're doing what he can... *CPT Zósite keeps focusing the garden hose upon the Sub-Lieutenant*) and make him to feel at home among us, where he'll fix his past errors for sure while providing hell to his former mates as he's already doing in this month's Weeks of War. :-D

    And because, as I said, he has been flying at EH side helping us to achieve victory at the XvT WoW and is still fighting for us at the XWA WoW, here you are yet another reason to further congratulate him: his recent promotion to full Lieutenant within the Fleet! Have our most sincere congrats, Lieutenant Cochala, on your deserved promotion. And now, (*ahem*) do you remember all that money we have just spent paying you the drinks at the Wing Cantina? Well, I can assure you we'll see each and every credit we put on you back today... from your pockets!! Drinks are on him, guys! Don't let him escape!!! >:D

V Ok, don't start running yet but... Colonel Maverick, Flight III Leader, is flying Multiplayer!! True story! Maybe he heard I use to play there and decided to not let pass the opportunity of making me to eat vacuum in return for all those occasions when he needed to come to my "flying office" on request. xD And he's doing well, indeed. No less than 6! LoCs on his last MP event and that's a very decent amount of them I tell you. Please be welcome to the EH MP gang, Colonel, as well as to our weekly MP events ("Friday's/Thursday's/wheneverIcanhost Vaping Rhapsody", "TIE Corps Training" and "Freeworlds Capital Brawl") and 24/7 LoCs. Don't hesitate to punish our six by the book if you feel up for it! :-D

    The rest of you, follow the good old Colonel's example... or be c4n|\|0|\|-f00d3r... >:)

V New battles! We have new battles!!! The Compendium grows again, I can't believe it! :____D Isn't it wonderful? I finish it at last 11 months after joining the Fleet and after having achieved such a difficult accomplishment Admiral Dempsey, the happy TACcy and former Flight Member of mine (was it a vengeance, Ma'am? :-P), decides it would be a nice idea to put some work upon the VSD Sinister crew. Oh well... don't forget to fly these new little jewels, pilots; most of them are just splendid and you won't regret it, not to mention the new FCHG points available for you to grab. Here you are the links in case you're so damned slackers that you need some "kick-in-the-browser" to download your tasks ~>:P :

TIE-TC 228: Tornado makes a discovery
TIE-TC 229: D (for Dempsey) 1: The Wasii Conflict
TIE-TC 230: D2: The Denasi Plague
TIE-TC 231: D3: Betrayal
TIE-TC 232: Vindication
XvT-TC 227: Praetorian Elite X

V The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet has achieved victory in October XvT Week of War CXI!!! Once again, our glorious Fleet levels other online SW clubs, most of them Rebel scum, to nothing (sorry Cochala, I know the DJO (TRAs/TFAs) are actually very nice guys, everybody knows, but we need the motivation damnit! ;-P). Once again that accursed "Asylum-meat" you have as CMDR ranks there as 1st!! player overall, but couldn't have done it without the inestimable help of Admiral Daniel Bonini, FO and TTCOM, Lieutenant Cochala, Cyclone 1-2 (Yaaaaaay!!), Captain Giovanni Palermo, Krayt 3-3, and Lieutenant Silwar Naiilo, Omicron 2-1. Thanks to all of you! We're the very heart of EH current multiplaying (missing The Dirty One® here... DV!!! Come back!!!! :__D).

    The XWA Week of War C has already started and will be running 'till next Friday!! In such a significant event EH has already begun to forward hell here and there and we're ranking 2nd club at the moment... It's NOT enough. We need all help we can gather there!! Don't hesitate to join us in the NRSD Errant Venture. Our esteemed Combat Operations Officer, Vice Admiral Stryker, has promised an IS-BW for whoever wins at least a match there and even the classic IS-GW, IS-SW, IS-BW trio for the best EH players IF we win the WoW!!! :-D

V "TIE Golf 2007" competition has just started. All pilots participating there should have already recieved their fist hole assignments from Admiral Dempsey who is hosting the event. During 63± days of PAIN they'll be hunting the lowest scores possible, flying bollocks and performing like the worst dumb target drone you can ever imagine for the shinies and the glory... there's even an IS-PW involved damnit! I would fly like the bloody Michael Jackson in one of his performances for one of those! xD We wish the best there to Lieutenant Akur, Cyclone 2-4, who is the only Cyclone participant there paired with COL Dark Angel from Krayt. Oh well, I'm also there paired with that TIE l33t of COL Zystem Fryar from Praetorian but better don't wish me anything because something tells me it won't be good... xD


( When a "Spoiler" is vaped into the vacuum and nobody is there to hear it, how does it sound? Does it sound at all? Can things be heard into the vacuum? And how can it be that nobody's there; who the hell vaped it? And how a "Spoiler" can be vaped anyway? What's the meaning of a "Spoiler"? Who does it serve? Is it related to the Holy Grail? So far... why are you reading this?!! Isn't it obvious that you won't find anything useful here anymore... ever? :-P )

II.) As if we haven't enough already with all the TC database stuff!! (aka. Squadron Status and On-going Competitions)


R Splendid activity from all of you so far, guys. Most splendid. No SLs among us anymore, only 3 Cyclone spots to cover and everybody is doing something, even if it's not much. I'm very pleased with all of you, and especially with my 2 Flight Leaders. They really have demonstrated to deserve their positions so far and that's something I'll try to reward one way or another. As a whole, I'd dare to say we're maybe one of the 3 most active Squarons in the Fleet and that means that Cyclone is a name to be reckoned with... that's exactly what I was looking for when I was assigned as your "Dooming-on-you" CMDR. Keep it on!! Let's see if we can make our name to shine on the upcoming "Raise the Flag" to further establish our fame among the TIE Corps! :-D

Q I am *STILL* expecting from all you to tell me if you would be up for another edition of our HS-hunting internal competition, "A little HS for a Cyclonite, a major hit against the NR punks!"... What are you waiting for? Should I realize that hunting HSs is not among your interests? If so, should I realize that you have just decided to not tell me about hoping that I won't notice that your prefer to underperform? Should I realize that you are expecting me to just forget about this matter with time? No way in hell I tell you! Either I have you all answering my request with a resounding "NO THANKS" or I'll annoy you to death with neverending e-mails featuring so stupid subjects that you'll think it's a shame for you to be under the command of such a NUTS dude... with little chances for that to change as long as you're here... >.-D

Q Yet another weekly Cyclone website update, as usual. Don't forget to check the site often as one of your primary sources of useful information and bollocks of all kinds. Any complaints sent directly to the Rebel Tactical Officer, Colonel Renegade, with the subject "How was that about a bunch of drunk crying furballs fencing wooden lances beating The Empire again? By the way, Sir, do you exist at all or are just from the matter what dreams are made of?".

Q And here you are the current status of our Squadron-level competitions for October! Much better than last week. I'm very pleased of seeing a significant increment of flying activity here. Will be anybody capable to turn things somehow before the end of the month with such a little time left? Only time will tell... For the time being consider yourselves free from my ominous Fat-Ewok medals®; be happy and pray for it to not happen anytime soon. ^_^

Cyclone Pilot of October '07 - November '07

LCM Vertigo - 139 missions!    (Some of them not appearing at the SP Kill Board due to some horrible issue within its code, currently trying to be fixed...)
LT Verde - 34 missions
COL Maverick - 11 missions

Cyclone Student of October '07 - November '07

LT Verde - 7 IWATS Courses!
LT Akur - 5 IWATS Courses
COL Maverick - 1 IWATS Course
LCM Vertigo - 1 IWATS Course
(Although LT Akur also completed [TT] IWATS Course this month it doesn't count as he did it when he was not assigned yet. Sorry. :-P)

A little HS for a Cyclonite, a major hit against the NR punks!

I'm still waiting for any of you interested enough in having a HS-hunting competition for ourselves to contact me in order to submit a new edition of this one. It's up to you, guys! My duty is to provide you with ways of improving yourselves as TC pilots but if you prefer to improve as standing ergonomic chairs feel free to do so. But please, don't come later bitching about why on hell so many people out there always outscore you in Fleet-wide SP flying competitions! ):-F

II.a) Squadron Competitions

P Cyclone Pilot of the Month October '07 - November '07
Details HERE
The classic competition established by our own LC Beir on its newest edition. I won't participate so YOU KNOW what to do!!

O Cyclone Student of the Month October '07 - November '07
Details HERE
Because here we also learn... slackering at least

II.b) Wing / Ship Competitions

L Challenge Top Gun #2
Details HERE
A whole month to fly 2 FREE missions hunting highscores... the best excuses for not flying them will be awarded a rabid Ewok fencing a pitchfork!!
This month's sorties are: TIE-FREE 121 & XWA-FREE 1

L Wing X Pilot of the Week #2
Details HERE
And here we have again the classic Wing X PotW/PotM!! But behold! This time it's a strictly flying one and the Iron Stars come with wings and not ribbons. FLY!! Fly as hell and don't even think why are you doing so and you may get IS-SWs/IS-BWs, a broken joystick and a brand new mental disorder. 3 for the prize of 1!! :D

II.c) Emperor's Hammer / TIE Corps / TC Battlegroups Competitions

Oh! Oh my good Lord!! But if I'm going to repeat some TC site info here. Please, have mercy!! :-P

L Ace of the TIE Corps - October 2007
Details HERE
Simple, pretty simple: fly as hell, make your CMDR's life miserable BSFing your stuff and earn medals for it. IS-GW, IS-SW and IS-BW for the 3 best ranking players at the Single Player Kill Board. What else do you need to fill your IDline with useless titles as myself?

L Raise the Flag 2007
Details HERE
It's here!! It's happening again! The rest of the TC ships dare to question our "Flagship" title once again. This cannot be!! During the whole next month we will teach them to keep themselves where they should be... UNDER US! And I hope the best from all you for this to happen... or else* ( * =
something so horrible and nasty that I fear even to tell you about for the sakes of your mothers' hapiness)

L MP Ace of the TIE Corps - October 2007
Details HERE
MP division of the monthly Ace competition above. KILL everybody and feel proud for it!!
IS-GW, IS-SW and IS-BW for the 3 best ranking players at the Multiplayer Kill Board. You gotta love it!!

L Build that mission!
Details HERE
Admiral Dempsey is still looking for a capable guy to hit the 100% in TM/3. Go and teach her what you're capable of!

L TAC's best
Details HERE
Great!! Lovely!! Not only the highscore-hunters around will see their FCHG increased while destroying your hopes slowly but they'll also earn IS-GWs and IS-SWs for it! Your only hope? To be ONE OF THOSE damned highscore-hunters!

L Kill 'em all! And do it QUICK!!!
Details HERE
BWHAHAHA!! So you thought all in life was to score and score and score better than everybody else? Oh, noes OMGFTW! Now you'll have to fly QUICK!! Complete XvT-TC 28 as fast as possible, send me BOTH your pilot file AND the BSF approval and taste the sickness from the mind of a truly Wicked CMDR. I'll be waiting for your submissions. >:D

L The LO's Vault
Details HERE
Up to 5 TIE battles to fly looking for highscores seems to be the last delirium attacking from the Logistics Office. Vice Admiral Prower opened the Pandora's Box/Dungeon Master's Vault/whatever and guess what was there... Exactly! Work, work and even more work. Isn't it wonderful how he distributed the comp. among all flying platforms? Oh, wait...

L EH 2007 Hallowe'en Prank Banner Competition!
Details HERE
It's about time, guys! It's about time to vandalize all the TC banners you can before Halloween end time! Only AoW and CoC can stop you now. But apart from that I want you to be a "Cyclone of b**t***s"! I want you to be mean! Send your submissions to the Hobbit (RO) and laugh evilly! >:D

L 100 XWA WoW Winners Comp (Multiplayer!!)
Details HERE
Our esteemed COO, Vice Admiral Stryker, has noticed about your MP slackering... The COO sees you... The COO knows... Therefore the COO runs a competition and offers you the possibility of earning some shinies to better measure the magnitude of our greedy attitude! :-P

H Friday's Vaping Rhapsody (Multiplayer!!)
My own hosted MP competition! Played on #ehcoo every Friday from 12:30 EST to 15:30 EST. Either XvT, XWA, FW or IA matches and DFCs available for those skillful enough to get one!

G TIE Corps Capital Brawl (Multiplayer!!)
Hosted by the COO, Vice Admiral Stryker, every Wednesday on #ehcoo from 14:00 EST to 19:00 EST. Exclusive FW Multiplayer competition involving capital ships matches. DFCs up for grabs and bribes.

F TIE Corps Training (Multiplayer!!)
Exactly the same as my own competition but hosted also by Vice Admiral Stryker it happens every Saturday on #ehcoo from 13:00 EST to 16:00 EST.

III.) No activity?!! You're in the Eye of the Cyclone, by Palpatine's sake! You should be at least dying!

III.a) Transfers / Promotions/ Awards / Bribes


1-1 CPT Zósite Kónstyte Styles   

  • Awarded MoI
  • Awarded MoC-SoC
  • Awarded 36!! o__O LoCs (16 of them should not be there... blame on the COO if you want but for the time being there you have my second profile-cheat xD)
  • Awarded DFC


1-2 LT Cochala    

  • Platform Daedalus (Trainee) ---> Cyclone 1-2 (Flight Member)
  • Promotion!! Cadet ---> Sub-Lieutenant
  • Promotion!! Sub-Lieutenant ---> Lieutenant
  • Awarded 2 LoCs (One of them should not be there either... :-P)


2-1 LCM Vertigo    

  • Awarded IS-BW


3-1 COL Maverick    

  • Awarded 6 LoCs ( YES!! ALL them should be there! xD )


III.b) General Activity and other dreams alike

( Notation: Low/Crappy Activity Moderate Activity High/Very High Activity Insane Activity/BSF hate!! )


1-1 CPT Zósite Kónstyte Styles   

  • Graded [MP/2] IWATS.
  • Helping LT Silwar Naiilo on his MP training.
  • Completed XvT-TC 127 in beta-testing (5 missions).
  • Awarded MoI for assisting training of SL Cochala.
  • Completed XvT-TC 231 in beta-testing (4 missions).
  • Made 2 funny pics for "EH 2007 Hallowe'en Prank Banner Competition!".
  • Made a pic as a gift for LC Kadon Beir, Wing XIX WC.
  • Starts participating in XWA WoW C.
  • Starts playing TIE Golf 2007 paired with COL Zystem Fryar!
  • Completed XvT-FREE 127 & 131.
  • Completed TIE-TC 229 (11 missions) (Highscores in missions 1-7,9-11!! On Easy and cheats-ON, you gotta love it! xD).
  • Awarded MoC-SoC for communications activity on September.
  • Awarded 16 *FAKE* LoCs in an event which never existed. Isn't it funny? xD (COO trying to fix it...).
  • Awarded 16 LoCs in XvT Week of War CXI.
  • Awarded 10 LoCs in XWA Pre-WoW C.
  • Awarded DFC for EH best player in XvT Week of War CXI.
  • Compiled WSR.
  • Updated Cyclone website.

1-2 LT Cochala        (As usual I'm very friendly with new people... it won't last... >;P)

  • Joins the Fleet assigned as Cyclone 1-2
  • Talks with his CMDR in EV during XvT Week of War CXI while he's still flying for TRA.
  • Starts flying in behalf of EH at XvT WoW CXI and particpates also in XWA WoW C!
  • Awarded *FAKE* LoC in an event which never existed. (COO trying to fix it).
  • Awarded LoC in XvT Week of War CXI.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant!!
  • Nice communications, mainly at the NRSD Errant Venture but also some e-mail stuff.

1-3 LT Lvpps       

  • He should have been awarded a LoC but due to some issues at the COO Office it couldn't be... yet... :-P
  • No communications since more than a week ago... expect a new "wft?!!!" e-mail from me this week, Lieutenant. :-|

2-1 LCM Vertigo      

  • Sent Flight Leader report.
  • Completed XWA-DB 3, 4 (8 missions).
  • Completed XWA-IW 1-3, 5-8 (35 missions).
  • Awarded IS-BW for Cyclone Pilot of the Week.
  • Excellent e-mail activity, as usual... managing his FMs by the book, as usual... can anybody ask for more?

2-2 LT Verde       

  • Passed [M/1] IWATS Course - 100%!
  • Passed [M/2] IWATS Course - 80%
  • Completed TIE-TC 134,182,184,214,220 (29 missions).
  • Good e-mail communications with both his FL and myself.

2-4 LT Akur       

  • Having serious trouble with his computer. He announces some inactivity at his side until all gets fixed.
  • Excellent e-mail communications with his FL CCing all stuff to me.

3-1 COL Maverick        (This one for your outstanding MP efforts Colonel! :-D)

  • Awarded 6 LoCs as 24/7 LoCs for First Strike!! W00t!!!
  • Uploaded a new uniform into the database.
  • Completed XWA-TC 23, 24 (11 missions).
  • Contacted his Flight Members again trying to kick them into some activity.
  • Sent Flight Leader report.
  • Maaaaav!! Don't sell yourself to those monks so easily!! :___D Nice e-mail activity.

3-3 CPT Bodo Dent       

  • Mantained presence on #wing_x... Niiice, Captain, niiice... now what about if you actually go and do *something*? :-J
  • Amazing IRC activity, daily presence on #wing_x. Ok, I'll give you that. ;-P

3-4 LCM Godo Nurok       

  • STILL waiting for his moment... :-P
  • Still there at hand; answered his FL e-mail telling him he'll do what he can given his RL constraints.
  • Wonderful and friendly e-mail communications both with his FL and myself to keep with a well established tradition.

IV.) Do it or DO IT. Don't even dare to try! (aka. Squadron Standing Orders)

  1. Fly AT LEAST a mission/battle from the Compendium!!! You're a pilot, not a wardrobe, and this is important!
  2. Take an IWATS. And if you actually learn something maybe you're doing miracles too! ;-D
  3. Fly some MP. Plenty of comps. to do it. If only you could feel The Power of the Pwnage Side©®!!
  4. Drink; as a truly Challengite this is a must to perform. If only you could feel The Power of the Daze Side of the Booze©®!!
  5. Participate in some competition if possible. Cyclone is here to obliterate any opposition hence our nickname!
  6. For Flight Leaders: I want your weekly reports on Fridays if possible. It's not mandatory but... it's better to not take risks...


Note on order 4: if you can't actually realize this IS NOT a RL way to go you should request transfer to the Sov or something... ¬_¬

V.) Someone flew over the Ewok's Nest (aka. Commander's Corner)


Battle report #547846356.5523-7AAXZ cycle - "Twilight Nighthawk Operation"

Imperial forces involved: Cyclone Squadron, Omicron Squadron - Wing X - ISD Challenge
Opposing forces involved: Lime Squadron, Hunchback Squadron - CRS Rainbow Nonsense / PLT/4 Ordnance-l0v3r + fighter defenses (X-Wing Blank)
Primary Objectives: Capture Ordnance-l0v3r / Capture fleeing personnel / Destroy Rainbow Nonsense

Historic Tactical Analysis

  • ISD Challenge enters the system. Interfering opposing forces' communications. Cyclone and Omicron launched.
  • Lime Squadron joins X-Wing FG Blank and goes after Cyclone.
  • Hunchbank Squadron tries to prevent bombing runs on the Ordnance-l0v3r and attacks Omicron.
  • RA Darklord, Challenge COM, orders to bring fire over the Rainbow Nonsense and provide laser cover for Imperial fighters.
  • CPT Zósite K.S., Cyclone CMDR, orders his pilots to disable Omicron Squadron in the middle of combat area.
  • CPT Zósite orders Cyclone to level down Ordnance-l0v3r shields and spend all remaining rockets on Rainbow Nonsense.
  • CRS Rainbow Nonsense meets its doom annihilated by Cyclone (except CPT Zósite).
  • CPT Zósite orders Cyclone Flight III to disable the rest of Cyclone except himself and 1-2... in the middle of combat area.
  • CPT Zósite orders Cyclone Flight III to disable Ordance-l0v3r.
  • CPT Zósite orders Cyclone Flight III to disable all fleeing transports carrying personnel.
  • CPT Zósite orders Cyclone Flight III to lower down THEIR shields and wait further orders... in the middle of combat area.
  • CPT Zósite helps Lime and Hunchback Squadrons to eliminate ISD Challenge shields.
  • RA Darklord orders all Challenge laser batteries to concentrate fire upon MIS Cyclone 1-1.
  • ATRs Gotcha & MineISMine-YoursISMine from ISD Challenge capture Ordnance-l0v3r and disabled transports.
  • CPT Zósite helps Lime and Hunchback Squadrons to smash ISD Challenge hull to 1%.
  • ISD Challenge is destroyed by the combined efforts of Lime, Hunchback and CPT Zósite.
  • Omicron and the rest of Cyclone except MIS Cyclone 1-2 are destroyed by Lime, Hunchback and Blank.
  • CPT Zósite orders MIS Cyclone 1-2 to destroy Platform Ordnance-l0v3r and captured transports, now under EH control.
  • CPT Zósite vapes MIS Cyclone 1-2 shields and decimates its hull to 2%.
  • MIS Cyclone 1-2 is destroyed by Lime Squadron.
  • CPT Zósite starts shooting into the vacuum just for the sake of it.
  • CPT Zósite hypers out with resounding Rebel acclamations.

You gotta love TIE Glf!!! xD

VI. Who's who on demolishing bussiness (aka. FCHG and Combat Ratings)


Gladiator [GLDR] (4500 points) & Top Ace 1st (400 points)

[4671] & [435] CPT Zósite Kónstyte Styles

No rank (0 points) & Trainee (1 point)

[2] & [2] LT Cochala

No rank (0 points) & Trainee (1 point)

[2] & [2] LT Lvpps

Decurion [DCRN] (750 points) & No rank (0 points)

[806] & [0] LCM Vertigo

Hussar [HUSS] (50 points) & No rank (0 points)

[74] & [0] LT Verde

No rank (0 points) & No rank (0 points)

[0] & [0] LT Akur

Paladin [PLDN] (300 points) & Certified (5 points)

[382] & [6] COL Maverick

Fusilier [FUSL] (75 points) & Trainee (1 point)

[87] & [2] CPT Bodo Dent

Cavalier [CAVL] (150 points) & No rank (0 points)

[196] & [0] LCM Godo Nurok

VII.) It's like playing Twister but... (aka. Squadron Roster & Citations)

W-What?! You want me to paste here the Squadron Roster? Why?! You have it in the TC site... But! But!...
Ok... Ok... you want it you get it!

COMMANDER: CPT Zosite Konstyte Styles
NICKNAME: The Demolition Crew
BANNER: cyclone.jpg
MOTTO: "Destruction Imminent"
HOMEPAGE: http://cyclone.isdchallenge.net/
MESSAGE BOARD: http://mb.emperorshammer.net/viewforum.php?f=101

Nickname: Eye of the Storm
Motto: "Fear us not. Fear the destruction that comes with us"
1) CPT Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) LT Cochala
3) LT Lvpps
4) TBA

What? NO?!! (*sigh*) Ok... Ok... I got it...

COMMANDER: CPT Zosite Konstyte Styles
NICKNAME: The Demolition Crew
BANNER: cyclone.jpg
MOTTO: "Destruction Imminent"
HOMEPAGE: http://cyclone.isdchallenge.net/
MESSAGE BOARD: http://mb.emperorshammer.net/viewforum.php?f=101

Nickname: Eye of the Storm
Motto: "Fear us not. Fear the destruction that comes with us"
1) CPT Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) LT Cochala
3) LT Lvpps
4) TBA

Nickname: Wind of Change
Motto: "Changing enemies into space dust"
1) LCM Vertigo
2) LT Verde
3) TBA
4) LT Akur

Nickname: Gale Providers
Motto: "May you have the hell wind at your face and my lasers at your six"
1) COL Maverick
2) TBA
3) CPT Bodo Dent
4) LCM Godo Nurok

Squadron Citations (0):

~~>:F ³ ?!!!!

Respectfully NUTS in service:

--- Zósite Kónstyte Styles, Lord of Moonlightshadow ---

CMDR-COOA-TCS-PROF/CPT Zosite Konstyte Styles/Cyclone/Wing X/ISD Challenge
SSx3/BSx8/PCx2/ISM/MoI-BC/IS-47BW-27BR-18SW-10SR-18GW-3GR/LoC-RS-TS-IS-CSx6/DFC-SW-Rx1/MoC-10BoC-2SoC-1GoC-1PoC-1DoC/CoB [GLDR]

Ace of Dec06-Jan07-Feb07-Mar07-Apr07-Jun07 / Multiplayer Ace of Feb07-Mar07-Apr07-Jun07-Jul07 / TAC's best of Sep07 / Wing X Pilot of Dec06-Jan07-Feb07-Apr07 / Challenge Top Gun of Jul07 TIE/XWA-Aug07 TIE/XWA-Sep07 TIE/XWA / Cyclone Pilot of Mar07-Apr07-Jun07

"There's good. And there's evil. And it's the Orde what make us capable of differentiate between them. So, don't bother me judging my actions; if they're good or evil. I'm above both. I serve that ORDER."