D Cyclone NUTS Chronicles #32C

(NUTTY Briefing #1)

November 17 - November 24, MMVIII


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Phasecycle: PSFRG304568140694328;ICON;16-79OMUT;94-37RMUT

< Salute, pilots from Wing X, Wing Commander Domi , Commodore Angel and last but not least Flight Officer... I mean (*ejem*) TIE Corps Commander Jarek La'an >


Welcome to this, my thirty-second Weekly Report for my beloved Squadron, the mighty Cyclone, "The Demolition Crew". And also the first instalment of my "NUTTY Briefings", that is, crappy things like this one I'll be forced to release whenever I can't find enough time for a full issue featuring my usual crazyness. Rejoyce! Now you can even read them before the next one comes up. You can rejoyce, indeed, but think that while you're on it I'm right here dooming upon you... >:F

Ejem... well, let's go... And later don't come around telling I didn't warn you; this is gonna be straight and to the point. Actually, if you aren't careful and take it with calm, reading not only between lines but also over, under, within, port and starboard you'll get lost, and I won't be in the mood of going looking for you. Let's START!!!


I.) But I thought I'd find some Kansas flying farm here!! (aka. Squadron News)


V The famous "Raise the Flag 2008" competition begins today! All details on scoring HERE. Read carefully and help Cyclone to keep its deserved "TCCOM's Own" title as well as the 'Chal' to keep being the only Flagship this Fleet SHOULD ever see doing your best on as many divisions as you can. FLY, MY MINIONS! AND KILL EVERYBODY BUT YOURSELVES!! And don't hesitate to ask me about anything you need; remember I sent you some quite annoying, let alone extensive, e-mail on our best tactics to make something horrible there! I'll release a complete (victorious) debriefing as soon as all this chaos is over. >;-J

V LCM Kael Dalor, Cyclone 3-3, kicked out for good and now holding AWOL status. Good work you... The rest of you, see and get astonished on how easy to get the AWOL-boot® can be! You just need to do NOTHING for over a month and the prize is yours!! >;_P

V Colonel Ric Hunter (formerly Taldrya) is the new Thunder CMDR!! For such a splendid news entry as well as for being a former &%}™ým`šžŸ Prae the booze is on him this time! Time to storm out and provide pain out there with us, Colonel!!

V Easy maths: Pilot Files not properly named and/or scattered through all the damned week instead sent in a single and comfortable zip file = DEAD PILOT. Period. ~>:-F Remember:


V The ISD Challenge domain total overhaul® is finally complete and all Wing X Squadrons have now their own subdomains at <squadron name>.isdchallenge.org featuring the latest website backup I managed to scavenge around. Rejoyce!!

V Screw that. ISD Challenge domain suspended for Palpatine knows what stupid reasons only someone featuring the brain of some hosting company employee (everything but healthy I tell you) could understand. We're working on it. Stay tuned. DAMN. Wing X mailing list also over until further notice. DAMN².

V But hey! We have our Emperor's Hammer Wiki site back at http://wiki.emperorshammer.org/ And we cannot edit a single accursed thing there yet until the Logistics Officer (that LO who comes under the IO who doesn't outrank the OPS nor the TAC and blahblahblah) says so... Guess what! Exactly: DAMN³.


( Spoilers... Spoilers... Spoilers... even TODAY dammit?!! Ok, look. One of my entrusted Flight Leaders says the other one looks like THIS :

Cyclone FL?!!!!
Still wondering where he found that pic of mine. I thought all copies were burnt long ago...
:-| )

II.) As if we haven't enough already with all the TC database stuff!! (aka. Squadron Status and On-going Competitions)


R "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era!" came to its end last week with the only participation of our two almighty Flight Leaders. Ohhhh, I'd really like to link here the web page I made for the ocassion at Cyclone site, but... read above. :-P

      Anyways, and just for your info:

      LCM Ark-illos: IS-BW x 3 | LCM Vitaru: IS-BW x 2 | The rest of you: SHAME x insane amounts.

R Status report: ISD Challenge domain: over. Wing X mailing list: over. Your CMDR's patience: over.

R But Cyclone IS NOT OVER yet I tell you. Come and help me to demonstrate it to everybody else in RtF!! Because... we're going to win this one, didn't I tell you? ;-)

Q Yet another weekly Cyclone website update, as usual. NO WAY to check the site often as one of your primary sources of useful information and bollocks of all kinds. All complaints are to be sent directly to the hosting company (which name I'll avoid to use here in order to prevent the upcoming massacre) with the subject: "Isn't it curious? I didn't even meet you yet and I'm already thinking on your very mothers."


II.a) Squadron Competitions

( Without the database don't expect ALL those "Details links" to work... but worth a try :-\ )

P Storm Challenge (SUSPENDED FOR GOOD. My money is in forever.)
Details HERE
Thunder Squadron asked for mayhem... Acknowleged! Fly the missions! Get the HSs if you can! Write reports on how l33t were you while doing it! And show 'em that whenever somebody asks we about something we tend to add "...and kills us btw" to that something.

II.b) Wing / Ship Competitions

L Wing X Pilot of the Week
Details HERE
As usual, gents! Our almighty WC, Colonel Domi, will award a bronze shinie in a weekly basis and a silver one per month to whoever demonstrates he's perfectly capable of making the rest of us looking as worse as possible. Fly missions, participate in other comps, drink... and well... drink. Everything flying-related counts! Especially to drink. :-D

II.c) Emperor's Hammer / TIE Corps / TC Battlegroups Competitions

Oh! Oh my good Lord!! But if I'm going to repeat some TC site (TC site?!! JUASJUASJUASJUAS) info here. Please, have mercy!! :-P

L Raise the Flag 2008!!!
Details HERE
It's here!! It's happening again! The rest of the TC ships dare to question our "Flagship" title once again. This cannot be!! During the next two weeks we will teach them to keep themselves where they should be... UNDER US! And I hope the best from all you for this to happen... or else* ( * = something so horrible and nasty that I fear even to tell you about for the sakes of your mothers' happiness)

L SP/MP Ace of the TIE Corps - November 2008
Details HERE
Simple, pretty simple: fly as hell, make your CMDR's life miserable BSFing your stuff and earn medals for it. IS-GW, IS-SW and IS-BW for the 3 best ranking players at the Single Player Kill Board. What else do you need to fill your IDline with useless titles as myself? And also a
MP division! KILL everybody and feel proud for it!! IS-GW, IS-SW and IS-BW for the 3 best ranking players at the Multiplayer Kill Board. You gotta love it!!

L Training Office Recruiting Challenge (Technically available)
Details HERE
An IS-PR... I'm pretty sure many of you think that platinum stuff awardings are just legends and those who actually show such things on their dress uniforms have to pay a monthly fee to the FC himself for him to allow them to lie everybody on how they managed to compite for them. Ok, whatever you say, but whoever first manages to recruit 5! new members for this great club before deadline is in great danger of being awarded one of those. ;-)

L Match the TAC #11
Details HERE
Check out the link above and you'll see. The objective? Easy... try to match TAC's score in that mission! And remember! For this one don't send your pilot files to your CMDR as usual; they must be sent directly to FA Dempsey and they'll be BSFd at the end of the month. If you fail in such an easy requirement Lady Dempsey will come to you by night with a vengeance and... no, wait, screw that!! *I*'ll come to you by night with a vengeance. >:F

L TACcy Quotes
Details HERE
For this one you'll need to read each and every weekly TAC report and... Mmmm? Stop trying to hang yourselves dammit!! What's the problem?! You are right now reading this, right? Then you'll be able to read ANYTHING so shut the hell up you!! >:( Well, as I was telling you, read those reports, find the movie quote lying there and e-mail FA Dempsey as quickly as you can with your answer!

H 24/7 LoC weekly challenge (Multiplayer!!) (New COO! Keep sending those screenies over!)
Details HERE
Never get yourself a DFC was more easy!! Forget all you may have learnt before! Now DFCs are actually awarded for "24/7LoCs" events using the same guidelines as for their classic awardings on hosted events. Kill 3 different people, rank the best player and blahblahblah... Your best bet I tell you! Quick, before someone actually realizes DFCs awarded this way are just too cheap to be truth. :-P

H DJB's Inter-Club Training Event (Multiplayer!!) (Send the screenies to the COO, but don't forget to report the matches at the event page as well)
Details HERE
Let's see... What would be the best way of dealing with our "new" Dark Jedi Brotherhood (DJB, former rDB) friends in order to show 'em our willing to cicatrize old injuries between our clubs? What about sending them all to hell via MP while punishing their prides by the book? >;-D All Saturdays 24/7 on Undernet #outerrim IRC channel!

H XvT Week of War CXXIV (Multiplayer!!) (Not necessary to send the screenies, just report the matches into BSC site)
Details HERE
The best XvT MP competition ever. Period. World-wide! Inter-clubs! And on a monthly basis! Hosted by Battlestats, as usual. Don't forget to take [MP/2] IWATS Course as well as [AMP] if you *REALLY* want to have a chance at this one; the playing level is from the matter the nightmares are made of. LoCs!! DFCs!! Glory not only for you but also for The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet as a whole. Do I need to say more? If you never participated on any of these you never played MP for real, and you guess it to be truth.

III.) No activity?!! You're in the Eye of the Cyclone, by Palpatine's sake! You should be at least dying!

III.a) Transfers / Promotions / Awards / Bribes


3-3 LCM Kael Dalor    

  • Cyclone 3-3 (Flight Member) ---> AWOL Oblivion


III.b) General Activity and other dreams alike

( Notation: Low/Crappy Activity Moderate Activity High/Very High Activity Insane Activity/BSF hate!! )


1-1 MAJ Zósite Kónstyte Styles    

  • Some fun posting at the Message Boards today! ;D
  • Started working again on the complete overhaul of ISD Challenge domain.
  • Had a long and quite interesting conversation with the XO himself on IRC.
  • Made a new banner for Thunder Squadron.
  • Made a new banner for the ISD Challenge!
  • Finished the complete update of ISD Challenge main site.
  • Took backups of all available Wing X Squadrons websites.
  • ISD Challenge full update UPLOADED!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  • Tempest Squadron website is back exactly the way it looked back in the day. Time for an update IMHO. :P
  • All Thunder old stuff uploaded into new Thunder subdomain in a zip file.
  • Sent Cyclone pilots some useful advises on the upcoming "Raise the Flag" competition.
  • Contacted the rest of Wing X CMDRs so they can have FTP access into their Squadrons subdomains.
  • Sent Cyclone pilots a looong motivating e-mail with useful info on Cyclone main strategy for RtF! >:)
  • Starts flying battles for FCHG '08 competition in order to act as judge.
  • 24/7 LoCs - 1 match against LCM Vitaru and Lord Samo (potential new EH pilot).
  • Finished judging battles for FCHG '08 competition and reports sent.
  • Compiled fast-as-light WSR.
  • Updated Cyclone site. Couldn't upload it though: ISD Challenge domain offline.

1-4 COL Obi-Wan        x

  • I *STILL* don't know who exactly you were, Colonel. And it seems you decided to keep the secret for yourself. But I warned you and you didn't hear. You have ONE week to respond. Period.

2-1 LCM Ark-illos        <--- In these difficult days you definitely deserved one of these. =)

  • Flown XWA-DB1 Mission 6 - Almost There...:)
  • Flown XWA-F140.
  • Flown XvT-F215 for DB. Not submitted for the TC though.
  • Flown XWA-F140. HARD level this time.
  • Flown XvTF-215 on MEDIUM this time. Not submitted for TC yet.
  • Flown XWA-F140 on HARD again.
  • Sent Flight II weekly report in time.
  • Participated in "TACcy Quotes".
  • Flown XvT-FREE 220 for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era!": 34070 points.
  • Flown XvT-FREE 220 for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era!": 19152 points.
  • Flown XvT-FREE 220 for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era!": 35355 points.
  • Flown XWA-FREE 140 for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era!": 14656 points.
  • Flown TIE-FREE 270 for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era!": 40086 points (no laserless).
  • Submitted up to 3 pilot files as entries for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era" competition.
  • Submitted the pilot file for BSFing he forgot to send me before: XvT-FREE 215.
  • Flown XWA-FREE 137: 48 points.
  • Flown TIE-FREE 273: 22584 points (no laserless).
  • Sent Flight II weekly report in time.
  • Outstanding levels of communication, especially by e-mail! Keep it up there, Ark!

2-2 LT Ashkar       

  • Aaaaaaashkar... Your reports! Your pilot files! Your commitment! You don't wanna see your FL Ark in rampage I tell you.

3-1 LCM Vitaru        <--- The same as your FL buddy, Vitaru! ^_^

  • XWAF-142 flown some times.
  • XWAF-142 flown some times.
  • XWAF-142 flown for the last time. 6272 points.
  • Reported all pending MP matches to the new COO. 52 victories for Vitaru?!!! 0__0
  • XWAF-140 flown some times. Got 14500 points.
  • Wrote a brief report of the mission XWAF140.
  • XvTF-220 flown. Got 38600 points.
  • Sent reminder e-mail asking FMs for weekly activity reports.
  • Participation in "Competition time (Episode 3 season 1)"
  • Submitted his FL report in time. Even better than last one!! :D
  • Flown XvT-FREE 220.
  • Flown XvT-FREE 220. AGAIN.
  • Flown XvT-FREE 220. AGAIN. Poor Vitaru claims XvT provides fake score. :P
  • Flown TIE-FREE 270.
  • Keeps flying TIE-FREE 270 to improve score.
  • Flown TIE-FREE 270 last time. Best score: 31000 points.
  • Flown XWA-FREE 140 some times. Got 15800 points.
  • Submitted up to 6 pilot files as entries for "Cyclone Mayhem for a New Era" competition.
  • Submitted 4 pilot files for BSFing on XWA-FREE 142.
  • Wrote Flight III weekly report.
  • Sent reminding e-mail asking for FMs weekly activity reports.
  • Participated in "Competition time (Episode3 season 1)".
  • Sent Flight III Report in time.
  • 24/7 LoCs - 2 MP matches against MAJ Zósite and Lord Samo (potential new EH pilot).
  • Impressive communications, as usual. Tons of e-mails, near-daily MBs posts and even some IRC!

3-3 LCM Kael Dalor        x

  • I'm already missing you, Lt. Commander, I tell you. But what I won't miss by any means is all that time I wasted forwarding you several e-mails for you to come back to life and convicing your Flight Leader to do the same. Hope to see you back soon though. Good luck!

3-4 LT Siriah Tan       

  • Requests a LoA extension due to heavy RL trouble but she promised to write some good fiction for RtF. :D
  • Offered herself to make a new mailing list for the Wing following the ISD Chal's domain suspension.
  • Daily presence on #tiecorps, #emperor's_hammer and #isd_challenge. Some MBs activity as well.

IV.) Do it or DO IT. Don't even dare to try! (aka. Squadron Standing Orders)

  1. Fly AT LEAST a mission/battle from the Compendium!!! You're a pilot, not a wardrobe, and this is important!
  2. Take an IWATS. And if you actually learn something maybe you're doing miracles too! ;-D
  3. Fly some MP. Plenty of comps. to do it. If only you could feel The Power of the Pwnage Side©®!!
  4. Drink; as a truly Challengite this is a must to perform. If only you could feel The Power of the Daze Side of the Booze©®!!
  5. Participate in some competition if possible. Cyclone is here to obliterate any opposition hence our nickname!
  6. Contact your Flight Leader or Squadron Commander at least once a week!! This is BUT VERY important in order to mantain your arse within the roster. CMDR may well have the nasty mania of kicking mute people out of the airlock...
  7. Be always loyal to the TIE Corps Fleet, then the ISD Challenge and Wing X, then Cyclone.
  8. Kill any rebel scumb, dirty smuggler or pathetic pirate on sight and with a smile on your face. Cleaning 'da house!
  9. Have fun doing all this stated above! Now this one is a f****** order; if you don't accomplish with this one you're really doing nothing. Go away and make something better with your life like having a pathetic RL job, trying for your wife to not cheat you with a REAL PILOT... ahem...
  10. It would be sooo simetric and perfect for you to have a 10th order... but you haven't. :-P


Note on order 4: if you can't actually realize this IS NOT a RL way to go you should request transfer to the Sov or something... ¬_¬

V.) Someone flew over the Ewok's Nest (aka. Commander's Corner)

Ummm... no time to drive you to pure NUTness properly this time. BUT!! Here I bring you again the fiction I wrote for the "Bonus Fiction" division of "Raise the Flag 2007" which I honestly think fits perfectly this time too. I hope you'll like it and if you don't don't worry and join the club, 'cos I didn't get any shinie for this one...


Is that a Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer or are you just happy to see me?


        "Raise the Flag" has begun again. The most important war game within the TIE Corp division of The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleeet where the Flagship for the next whole year will be decided is to be starting very soon. All TC ships were deployed more than a week ago to different parts of known Emperor's Hammer space following direct orders and flight plans coming from Admiral Daniel Bonini, the TIE Corps Commander, and his Flight Office.The struggle is almost ready and the day has come when all ships will recieve direct communication from the Flight Office along with their new assigned coordinates so they can meet their assigned opponents in the vacuum arena for the greatest war game the Fleet will see for a long time (Rebels, Republicans, Anarchists and punks of all kinds are seen just as training for these events despite they're are to be masacrated in such training while no Imperial officer will ever die in any EH war game... game rules).

        But now we center our attention on the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Challenge, "The Storm's Eye", current owner and defender of such a distinguished title as it's the "Flagship of the TIE Corps" one. They've been deployed far from other ships as well (don't ask me where, I'm only the narrator and I won't take a look now at the System Manual; I'm very busy... narrating you know :-P) and it's currently orbiting the "Uncle LoL's Space Casino & Spa" along with its taskforce. But if we take a closer look... ummm... what's this? Several officers from the ship including Squadron Commanders, Flight Leaders, even maintenance crew and those bloody booze-maker Ewoks are currently enjoying a permission from the ship's Commodore himself and aren't stationed on the Star Destroyer; actually they're spending their last payment badly at "Uncle LoL's" in several nasty behaviours!!

        Regardless who could be still onboard the Challenge there're two officers that definitely are there now. ISD Challenge Commodore, Rear Admiral Darklord, and Wing X Commander, Colonel Angel, are right now at the Wing X Cantina. They waste their minutes drinking the ship's classic chalquilla and hearing Imperial News™ on one of their greater hyper-radios (they left the pool game as soon as they realized that somebody already filled all the holes with booze bottles and rotten snacks trying to hide them). But where's their war spirit? Palpatine knows. What it's sure is that they don't seem concerned, not even interested in the upcoming confrontation...

        Suddenly another Challenge officer enters the Cantina with calm. He's one of the Wing X Squadron Commanders, the (Wicked) Cyclone CMDR to be exact. Some people would call him many things that won't be mentioned here because damn!! We must stick to the Articles of War, don't we? Others just call him Zósite, and that should be enough for now. So... Zósite approches his two flags who dedicate him a lazy gaze.

<RA Darklord> Oh, Zós... welcome back. How was it? Did you accomplish as we told you?

<MAJ Zósite> Yessir! I did exactly what you commanded me to do. I travelled from ship to ship in disguise, pretending to be an official officer (it didn't sound so silly when I wrote it :-|) from the Flight Office, personal envoy of Admiral Bonini.

<COL Angel> So you managed to fool them? :-J

<MAJ Zósite> Hehehe... much more easier than I thought. And whenever someone started suspecting I just told him I was actually Sector Admiral Cyric. As few people see him around often they just thought I was damn right.

<COL Angel> BWHAHAHAHA!! Nice one!

<RA Darklord> So you gave them all the "new coordinates"?

<MAJ Zósite> To all them! Three Bags Full, Sir! >:-J

<RA Darklord> Splendid!! Then we better stay tunned to this thing and let's see what happens. Barman! *MY* jar IS empty... ¬_¬

        The Commodore raises the volume of the hyper-radio and the three "Challengites" pay attention to the show starting right now. It seems Imperial News™ subject today is no other than "Raise the Flag" engagement! The two presenters seem to be very excited as they relate in detail all they can see from their emplacement on Nebulon-B Frigate "SonySucks", especially rented to broadcast this event. Somebody should have given them exact details about the place where the competition will start, despite Admiral Bonini made that stuff high classified information. Maybe someone flying a MIS dessignated Cyclone 1-1.

<LT Ophra> Now Tony! This is about to begin!! I just can't realize we're actually here broadcasting this great event!

<LT T. Hart> But it's true!! Here we are, Ophra! And commscan just detected a couple of signals coming from hyperspace. It seems we'll have the first participant ships here in no time!

<LT Ophra> The ISD Subjugator and the MC80b Redemption! That's it! They're the Sub and the Redemption!

<LT T. Hart> How the Sub managed to find its way through known Galaxy or the Redemption dared to emerge from the water to actually *fly* we don't know, Ophra! But we KNOW this is going to be something that we won't forget!! Look! Here they come!

        That's it. The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Subjugator and the MC80b Calamari Cruiser Redemption jump out from hyperspace ready for everything. And they start raising shields and charging laser batteries at the very moment they enter sub-light speed. But... wait... something strange is happening here...

<LT T. Hart> Here are they. BUT... By the holy beef of my aunt Berta, Ophra! They have jumped out... AT 0.5 KMS. FROM EACH OTHER!!! O__0

<LT Ophra> Oh my G0d!! They're going to collide! X__o

        The two ships start maneuvering violently (for capital ships, that is: like a damned river crab) to avoid the imminent collision. We won't go into the hell taking place right now at their commanding bridges but you can figure it out. But if you thought that was all just wait and see... For the time being, realizing this is not the best way to enter in close combat, the two capitals set hyperjump coordinates again ready to go out ASAP. Will it be so easy? Of course NOT! xD

<LT T. Hart> No way!!! Here we have another signal coming from hyperspace. It's High Admiral March's ship, the Interdictor Shire!!! Current base of operations of the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff!

<LT Ophra> BUT WTF?!! It hypered out AT 0.5 KMS. FROM THE OTHER TWO SHIPS! (:_O

<LT T. Hart> Crud, Ophra!! With Shire's gravity wells operational and until they manage to turn them over the 3 ships are now stuck where they are! And I doubt they'll have time to maneuver in order to...

<RA Darklord> Damnit, Zós! The Shire's gravity wells too? xD

        Major Zósite starts whistling and the three Challenge officers hear with pleasure how the three ships seem unable to escape and keep making little and calculated quick course changes to avoid colliding. Then enters the DGN Lichtor V! 0.5 kms. away from the rest? 0.5 kms. away from the rest! Face it. xD

<LT Ophra> Damnit, Tony! This thing is just too large for they to avoid it!

<LT T. Hart> I heard the ID likes to mess closely with everybody else but this is just too much even for them! xD

<LT Ophra> Word, Tony! We thought we were going to see a big simulated combat engagement and now we're assisting to some tricky version of the "Twister" game featuring Imperial capital ships! What's this stuff anyway? :-|

<LT T. Hart> W-WHAT??!!!! O___Ou Ophra!!! Another signal from hyperspace approaching here. It's the FAT ONE®!! SSSD Sovereign coming out from hyperspace following vector (34, 650, -85 arson-BK)!

<COL Angel> And now the final act... ^_^

<LT Ophra> 34, 650... By Palpatine's water pistols, Tony!! Isn't it IN THE MIDDLE of the meeting point?!!!

<LT T. Hart> IT IS, Ophra!!! This damned gigantic thingy...

<LT Ophra> 15 kms. length, Tony...

<LT T. Hart> This damned 15 kms. length thing is coming out from hyperspace IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OTHER SHIPS!!! Oh G00d L0rd! This is going to HURT³!!!! (:-k

<LT Ophra> And HERE IT IS!!! :_____D


        Somewhere lost in space there's some nasty and unhealthy place called "Uncle LoL's Space Casino & Spa". Orbiting it there's the ISD Challenge, Flagship of the TIE Corps yet another year after all its opponents were disqualificated for being divided in more than 1,000,000,000 pieces (game rules again you see...). You can be sure those ships will be reconstructed again as soon as The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet finds enough puzzle technicians to make the miracle. But for the time being three mean, crazy, mad, cruel, NUTS... and ROFLing badly Challenge officers delight in seeing the myriad of escape pods and transports quickly fleeing from the ships before the bitter end. It was something like "CRASH", just a little more dramatic. Not necessary to provide details as we have already flown enough: we're veterans! ;-) No Imperial officers died that day, not a single one. But I'll say something about that day that comes to mind every now and then when boredom starts taking its toll upon my bollocks writing:

        Usual RtF quotes from past years were at brave-style side; things like "The victory is ours!", "Let's give 'em hell!", "Nobody dares to challenge us and leaves free from suffering!", "Laurels of victory will find their way to our mighty ship!"...

        That year's only quote, taken directly from all those messed up commanding bridges was a little bit different...



~ The Bitter End ~


VI. Who's who on demolishing bussiness (aka. FCHG and Combat Ratings)

(Not necessary to mention that without a working database these ranks are as updated as the damned FMC website and none of the profile links work... :P)

Gladiator [GLDR] (4500 points) & Jedi 4th (500 points)

[5652] & [509] MAJ Zósite Kónstyte Styles

Dragoon [DRAG] (100 points) & Officer 3rd (40 points)

[121] & [42] LCM Ark-illos

Fusilier [FUSL] (75 points) & No rank (0 points)

[47] & [32] LCM Vitaru

No rank (0 points) & No rank (0 points)

[0] & [0] LT Ashkar

No rank (0 points) & No rank (0 points)

[0] & [0] LT Siriah Tan

? (? points) & ? (? points)

[?] & [?] COL Obi-Wan

VII.) It's like playing Twister but... (aka. Squadron Roster & Citations)

W-What?! You want me to paste here the Squadron Roster? Why?! You HAD it in the TC site... But! But!...
Ok... Ok... you want it you get it!

COMMANDER: MAJ Zosite Konstyte Styles
NICKNAME: The Demolition Crew
BANNER: cyclone.jpg
MOTTO: "Destruction Imminent"
HOMEPAGE: http://cyclone.isdchallenge.org/
MESSAGE BOARD: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewforum.php?f=32

Nickname: Eye of the Storm
Motto: "Fear us not. Fear the destruction that comes with us"
1) MAJ Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) TBA
3) TBA
4) COL Obi-Wan

What? NO?!! (*sigh*) Ok... Ok... I got it...

COMMANDER: MAJ Zosite Konstyte Styles
NICKNAME: The Demolition Crew
BANNER: cyclone.jpg
MOTTO: "Destruction Imminent"
HOMEPAGE: http://cyclone.isdchallenge.org/
MESSAGE BOARD: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewforum.php?f=32

Nickname: Eye of the Storm
Motto: "Fear us not. Fear the destruction that comes with us"
1) MAJ Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) TBA
3) TBA
4) COL Obi-Wan

Nickname: Wind of Change
Motto: "Changing enemies into space dust"
1) LCM Ark-illos
2) LT Ashkar
3) TBA
4) TBA

Nickname: Gale Providers
Motto: "May you have the hell wind at your face and my lasers at your six"
1) LCM Vitaru
2) TBA
3) TBA
4) LT Siriah Tan

Squadron Citations (?):
 Cyclone citations

Respectfully NUTS in service:

--- Zósite Kónstyte Styles, Lord of Moonlightshadow ---

CMDR-COOA-TCS-PROF/MAJ Zosite Konstyte Styles/Cyclone/Wing X/ISD Challenge
GS/SSx3/BSx9/PCx2/ISM/MoI-BC/IS-74BW-31BR-42SW-13SR-32GW-5GR-3PW/LoC-RSx2-CSx7-Rx4/DFC-SW-Rx4/MoC-13BoC-2SoC-2GoC-1PoC-1DoC/CoLx2/CoB/OV-2E [GLDR]

SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2007 / MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2007 / Top Gun of RtF 2007 / Grand Champion of TIE Golf 2008 / Ace of Dec06-Jan07-Feb07-Mar07-Apr07-Jun07 / Multiplayer Ace of Feb07-Mar07-Apr07-Jun07-Jul07-Sep07-Nov07 / TAC's best of Sep07-Oct07-Nov07-Dec07-Aug08 / Wing X Pilot of Dec06-Jan07-Feb07-Apr07-Oct07-Nov07 / Challenge Top Gun of Jul07 TIE/XWA-Aug07 TIE/XWA-Sep07 TIE/XWA-Oct07 TIE/XWA-Nov07 TIE/XWA / Cyclone Pilot of Mar07-Apr07-Jun07 / Member of Cyclone, Wing Commander's Own on Oct 08

"There's good. And there's evil. And it's the Order what make us capable of differentiate between them. So, don't bother me judging my actions; if they're good or evil. I'm above both. I serve that ORDER."