Cyclone History So Far...


( Uploaded by CMDR Zósite K.S. with inestimable help from Katherine Cantor Flyer who provided him all the info. Last update: 08/16/2008 )



Cyclone Squadron has a proud history as an ISD Challenge Squadron. A top squadron under the command of Yacko Cantor more than ten years ago, it has periodically emerged to claim victory after victory over its enemies. Sadly, Cyclone Squadron was closed in late 2003 due to a lack of pilots, and languished for nearly two years before then-Commodore Locke Setzer decided to split the full, extremely active Typhoon Squadron and reopen Cyclone Squadron.

Under the command of Kate Flyer, Cyclone grew quickly to include great pilots like Captain Alexander Shrike and Colonel Mike Szydlowski. The name also regained infamy around the fleet as it defeated squadron after squadron in competition to become the Challenge and Squadron League 2005 champions while attaining the prestigious TCCOM’s Own Award.

Kate would move onto take command of the Challenge itself in January 2006, but she left her stamp on the squadron along with a lasting nickname – The Demolition Crew. Cyclone remained a top squadron following Kate’s departure under the command of the likes of Alex Shrike, Mike, Thomas Nitecki and eventually Kadon Beir.

As a dedicated commander, Kadon would continue Cyclone’s tradition of excellence, even as the pilots of the Demolition Crew began to move on. Cyclone helped the Challenge to remain the Fleet Commander’s flagship following a stirring win in Raise the Flag 2006, and continued to move steadily into 2007. Eventually, the able commander Kadon would move on, leaving his top protégé Zósite Kónstyte Styles in command.

Nowadays, Cyclone Squadron has begun draw in top pilots once again as one of the most active squadrons in the fleet. Under the extremely enthusiastic command of CMDR Zósite K.S., it definitely reached new heights. And just coming as the best proof for it: it has been "TCCOM's Own Squadron" since December '07 after an incredible victory Squadron-wise in Raise the Flag 2007, helping the Challenge again to mantain its deserved Flagship title. It also mantained such a great designation after "Scramble the Escorts 2008" competition in May '08 to date.

Recently, Zósite got lost in vacuum (or something) and his entrusted Flight II Leader, Vertigo, was appointed CMDR. It was under command of CMDR Vertigo when it mantained its "TCCOM's Own" title as explained above. Besides, he did his best for Cyclone to be one of the most dynamic and populated Squadrons in the Fleet, always looking for young new blood to renew its roster and keep its banners proudly high in victories.


Commander Honor Roll


Keirdagh "Yacks" Cantor

Mell Kerrigan

Garrett Hap'Kette


Daisuke Airyu



Katherine Cantor Flyer

Alex Shrike

Marcin Szydlowski

Thomas Nitecki

Kadon Beir

Zósite Kónstyte Styles