Ok, this guy above is no other than Lieutenant Colonel (CoRoneR actually!) Zósite Kónstyte Styles (ME), current Cyclone Commander. Basically, he's (ME) your boss and his (MY) will is yours, his (MY) words your orders, his (MY) happiness your worst nightmare. His profile (which is but very similar to MINE) is HERE (TC PIN #12450) in case you want to take look, but beware! He (guess what... ME AGAIN) is completely NUTS and all an experienced and skillful "happy-trigger".


   This CMDR Zós-model comes with two basic uniforms. One of them, the dress one, comes below:


CMDR Zós' Dress Uniform


   And this one comes directly reccomended by his flags due to his... "special" way of performing. They say it was tailored this way for the sakes of the whole ship, back when Zós was still Captain:




   And what do you want now? His office (he shares it with ME!) you say? Errr... well, that doesn't say much about your sanity nor your security but... HERE you are!


   I see... not your exact idea of confortable, right? Yeah, the choking and whatnot, perfectly understandable. But I'm NUTS! What else were you expecting for?! If you want an office, a real office, an office by the book, the kind of thing you would find if googling "office" definition and looking for pics... you better go somewhere else. We're Imperial pilots, not clerks dammit!!! >:F